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The difference between a Crime novel and mystery novel

Reading is the most pleasurable past time one can imagine. Books can be with us anywhere, and we do not need to charge them to get usage of them. Many people are hooked onbooks, and for years people have availed the library subscriptions to widen their reading lists. People are concerned about the new generation as they are hooked to technology and often struggle with books. But we have modern inventions like nook or kindle which can enhance the pleasure of reading. Human beings like the taste of thrill and so the most read genre of books contain doctors in training and crime fiction. Writers like Stephen King and Agatha Christie are quite popular throughout the world because of their sensational art that can keep one hooked on their books.

Though crime novels and mystery novels may sound similar, they have a distinct difference in them. Let us learn about that:

Crime Novels

  • Crime novels mainly focus on the perspective of the good protagonist and the evil antagonist. It may ponder upon the moralistic thoughts and guilt that may be haunting the characters and also the goodness of the protagonist. The crime piece may also tell us how society and man are interrelated in their tasks.
  • In a crime novel, the reader tries to find peace at the end of the chaotic situations, and justice is served.
  • The crime novels often do not have a mystery into them, the readers are often aware of the antagonist, and it is more of the hero settling the imbalance.
  • Some of the best examples of crime novels are ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky and ‘In Cold Blood’ by Truman Capote

Mystery Novels

  • In mystery books crime mainly takes place in the form of a murder and the main aim of the story is to find the perpetrator of that crime. We read the novel in the aim to know the whereabouts and the motive behind the crime and also the way the hero brings justice by unraveling the criminal. Most of the detective novels have this embedded into them.


  • The mystery books often follow a set pattern of deceit:
  • It starts with the crime
  • then an investigator is assigned to the case,
  • the criminal tries to hide and erase their traces,
  • along the way the investigator brings out success and also tells us why they didn’t perform the crime
  • Th investigator brainstorms about the clues
  • At last, he is successful in catching the criminal.
  • Some mystery books are ‘And then there were none’ by Agatha Christie and ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier.

Mystery and crime have been the adrenaline rush of children and adults alike, and they will still remain so as it is also the popular genre in TV and films. New mystery books and detective books pour out every day in the market. African literature has had many jewels in crime fiction like Blood Rose by Margie Orfordand Wife of the Gods by KweiQuartey.

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